Sunday, January 4, 2009

sign and symptoms

Today I would like to talk about some of the signs of Bipolar disorder. These are only the symptoms Adam had. So you should talk to a Doctor for treatment and not take my word for it. They were Mood swings, Like being very happy over something and then very depressed over the same thing. Also bouts of energy where he would run from thing to thing all day and then very tired for days. He also didn't make friends very well he had a tendency to get very angry over silly things. some time he would get him self so upset he would have what they called false seizure . That is when we first started with the bipolar disorder. He then was in the Heartland Behavioral health center in Mansfield. they are the ones that diagnosed him Of course this took years to get form one seizure to the hospital. My goal is to help people to get help and not take years to get there. I am sure there are symptoms Adam didnt have so you can go to the to get a full list of them and of other mental illnesses and there symptoms


  1. My experience with someone with bi-polar sickness was truly a learning experience that I shall never forget. My wife's sister-in-law suffered from this. When I was first exposed to it, they called it by another name; they said she was a manic depressive.

    Tragically, this woman, as well as her two brothers who also had this chemical imbalance, were the offspring of a man who also suffered from it.

    I don't know if it can be inherited or not, but their family was evidence that it was possible.
    The father died from a drowning after taking a rowboat off of Revere Beach, Ma. two miles offshore. Suicide was suspected but never confirmed.

    "Donna's" three children were primarily raised by being hustled from the father, to the grandparents and yes, to my home.

    As far as I know, these children were never diagnosed (I'm not sure they were ever checked out.) with the disorder. Yet, all three of them, now young adults, have lived for all intensive purposes, dysfunctional lives.

    As my blog is primarily one of humor, I have never written about my experiences concerning this matter.

    Perhaps someday, when I find the time and am up to reliving it, I could try to write a narrative to sum up all the years I lived with this as a part of my life.

    Then perhaps I could send it to you via e-mail (or through Cliff) for you to use, in whole or in excerpts, here on your blog. You and the readers could possibly learn and even relate to those episodes. Indeed, you might be able, because of your own experience, to analyze it all.

    I think it is a wonderful statement, that such a beautiful person as Suzanne (Liquid), who affected so many lives while with us, could continue to bring so many others together.

    If your blog helps but only one person, it would be an admirable legacy to her memory.

  2. Welcome to the blog world, Kathy!

    It's always good to offer support to people who are struggling with similar issues. This blog is an excellent idea and I hope it will help many to realize they are not alone.