Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bipolar sign and symptoms

I would like to talk about the signs of bipolar disorder. I think sometimes people get to thinking that they are just odd. But if you are so hyper one day you cant even stand you self. Then one day you feel like getting out of bed makes you want to take a nap. If you feel like you want to die or you think about suicide then you need to GO TO A HOSPITAL for help. then when you are safe you need to get some help. It is OK to ask for it. With my son Adam it took us years to get his meds right and we are still working on it. but sometimes I think people think that mental illness will go away or you will out grow it. Let me tell you that is not the case. If you injore it, it gets worse not better. You need to get some help it does not get better with time . You need to get a doctor to help. and one thing Bipolar people have a habit of doing is they think that once they feel better they don't need the medication that it is better. I would like to encourage you to talk to your doctor first. And stay on you meds till you do. I am not a doctor just a mom who has a son who is bipolar.

Monday, January 26, 2009


OK so this has nothing to do with bipolar disorder. But yesterday we celebrated are grandsons second birthday. My daughter baked him and cake and he was so cute. he kept raising his hand and saying my birthday. she also made a big pot of Chile and it was delicious we had a great day . we got a big box of blocks and a train . the blocks were from my daughter. we had a great day. My son was there and he seemed to be having one of those days that were good. minor ditch problem but a very kind stranger helped him out. If that man happens to see this thank you it just goes to show you most people are kind. it the occasional ****head that makes you want to smack some one. So i hope every one has a great weekend and a very pleasant work week. Oh and pray i find a job.

Monday, January 19, 2009

bipolar help

Some one tell me what would be the best thing you could do for a person who is bipolar? I want to help but sometimes I am not sure what that is. Or what I can do to help. I guess i feel like someone who is standing outside looking in. Nothing is right . I would like to know what is best? Other mental illness is just as hard for the family . You are not sure what to do or what to say. I would like to here from someone who has dealt with this and knows what to do. I am not sure what is right or wrong sometimes. I guess everyone feels that way at times. Let me here form people.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

bipolar and prayer

I want to say that prayer works. You don't have to say it out loud just know that the Lord hears you and answers your prayers. I understand that when you have bipolar it is hard to pray sometimes. But you don't have to feel good or set still to get the lord to listen. I am proof that he listens to every one. Right now . right away. and he hears everything you say. I learned along time ago that people don't always understand but the lord always does. Everyone need prayer . But someone with mental illness sometimes think that he doesn't here or that because people don't understand the Lord doesn't either. But he does and understands. Even when you yourself don't.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Group homes

My son Adam who has Bipolar disorder has as you know moved in to a group home. I think it has been good for him. I think he will he has help with his needs. the workers are helping him with his medication and with his other needs. I do how ever wish that the county would give him his medicaid card. they tell him that is will take 6 months to get it .My question is why? I think someone with Adams problems need one as much as children do. where would he get a job with medical benefits.And we couldn't carry Him on ares the law says not past 21. so even if he lived with us it would not do any good. I hope he can get a some help with this he has medical bills that he can pay. If you have some experiences with group home I would like to here about it?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just about me

I am tired and cranky today. I have a dad in the hospital and a mom who is on the verge of a nervous Breakdown. I have a son who is doing good now and is hoping to have a job in the next couple of weeks. But I sometimes wonder what would happen if i couldn't do it. I think mental illness is harder to deal with than the physical ones. Physical ones you can fix sometimes but the mental ones are hard. I think that the general public doesn't understand that. they think that you should just get over it and it is not that simple. But i have to tell you I am tired and i think worn out mentally from it all. It will get better i just have to depend on the Lord and wait on him.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Parents and timeI

I sometimes feel like we are like caged animals we just run in circles and never get any where. I get tired of that. And for people with mental illness it is worse than with us. We have sent the last two days stuck in the house because of the snow. And Adam is stuck in Wooster. But it has been OK. we have survived it. I Sometimes think cliff and i don't have any time together. we spend so much time taking care of every one else. We for get about each other. But my news year resolution is I am not going to fight with cliff or any one else. One it does no good and two it just makes me say things i get in to trouble for. So I hope that the new year brings thing in my life closer and sweeter and easy. because 2008 was a bad year for us.

Friday, January 9, 2009

boredom and the weather

One thing I have learned is that people with mental illness hate to be board. Adam is going Monday to do some testing with the good will. I am hoping they will place him there. At least it would be a job till he can get something better. Also we are having a snow storm here we are to get a foot of snow by tomorrow evening. So we are all stuck at home. that might not be a bad thing at least we would be resting. I am doing better I now feel good there is a flu going around that is not any fun. s

Thursday, January 8, 2009

PSR or Pyscho Social Rehab

I would like to talk about a program my son is getting involved with called PSR . They can be involved in this as much as 5 days a week. they pick him up and Bring him home. He will learn how to Deal with his mental illness and How to work with his medication and how to deal socially with it. they have Group[p therapy and in the afternoon the do some kind of activity . They can also chose to stay at the center an play games . But they are making friends and learning skills to help with there illness. They also help them with employment skills. Adam starts tomorrow and I am very glad he is. I cant begin to tell you how much the counseling center in are community has helped him. They have helped with a lot of things and continue to surprise me at what they will do. I would encourage you to search you county for the center in you area if you need help. They are wonderfully helpful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

bipolar and nami

I was suppose to present to the Nami board tonight but the weather has prevented that. I would like to here from other parents or care givers who have bipolar people . I would like to know if you think a mentoring program would be helpful to you? If you would like that or if not? I will do that is February And I hope that it will help. My goal is to help people and to maybe help my self at the same time. I sometimes get so discouraged that i feel helpless. I think maybe this will be a way of helping people and giving back some.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feeling better

I am feeling better tonight. Now I must prepare for a presentation to the nami cooperation tomorrow. I am going to try to convince them to set up a mentoring program for bipolar people. I hope that i am successful it would be a be help to my son. and to me. Every ONE PRAY FOR ME

care for the care takers

If there is one thing you can say about people with Bipolar disorder is they are unpredictable. they are never the same two day in a row. there moods swing up and down alot. I have found with Adam that the one thing he depends on is that I am always the same. they need some one who is stable and steady. There are days when I want to run away and hide. But then there are some days when I just take time for my self. Like today. I like to call them Kathy time. I need to regroup. keep my self together. where i am not helping any one or taking someone some where. I don't do any thing for any one . those are important days and if you are a caretaker of someone You need to do that's. if you don't you can get so tired you make bad and wrong discions. Some times you just HAVE TO STOP. To day is one of those days for me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

newness of it

One thing you can count on with mental illness is it is never the same for every one. You can figure that you or the one you love will have something that is not typical. Or when you think that have the medications right there will be a side effect to them. But i would encourage you to tell the doctor about it they may be able to change it or add to the meds to help. It some times takes years to get it right. But one thing with Bipolar people is they have a tendency to think that when the medication is right and they feel good that don't need the meds any more. this is typical. It is also not good. I tell people it is like dealing with high blood pressure you keep taking your meds. that is the way you should be with bipolar. It is something you can just control.
I hope I can help people with this. My NEVER take my word over your own Doctor. I am just a mom dealing with Bipolar

Sunday, January 4, 2009

sign and symptoms

Today I would like to talk about some of the signs of Bipolar disorder. These are only the symptoms Adam had. So you should talk to a Doctor for treatment and not take my word for it. They were Mood swings, Like being very happy over something and then very depressed over the same thing. Also bouts of energy where he would run from thing to thing all day and then very tired for days. He also didn't make friends very well he had a tendency to get very angry over silly things. some time he would get him self so upset he would have what they called false seizure . That is when we first started with the bipolar disorder. He then was in the Heartland Behavioral health center in Mansfield. they are the ones that diagnosed him Of course this took years to get form one seizure to the hospital. My goal is to help people to get help and not take years to get there. I am sure there are symptoms Adam didnt have so you can go to the to get a full list of them and of other mental illnesses and there symptoms

Saturday, January 3, 2009

jobs for the mentally ill

One thing that really upsets me is the fact that there are very few jobs for the mentally ill. My son Adam lives in Wooster and is having a terrible time finding a job. Never mind that jobs are hard to find for the so called normal person, But add mental illness in to the picture and they most likely either get fired or don't get hired at all.they tell him they will call him and never do. One place told him they understood that there manager was bipolar and would call him and never did. Some one tell me how is he suppose to pay his bills? He has signed up for social security but that takes years sometimes to get. My husband and I try to help but we cant do it all and ares too. If there is a employer out there give extra consideration to them. They need help and compassion not Judgments. Not all jobs are for them but there must be something they can do? If you are in charge of hiring at least give them the same chance you give everyone else. Dont dismiss them because of there mental illness

just information

First let me say that i am not a Doctor or a medical professional. So what I say here is just coming form a mom who has been dealing with Bipolar for a long time. One thing I have learned is that you have to be able to ask for help. that may start with the Free mental health center in your county.Adam has found a support group for people with bipolar in the town he lives in. That is through the NAMI cooperation . that link will take you to there web should be able to find the one in your town. Also It is important that when you are caring for a bipolar person or any one with a mental illness that when they say i feel like a want to kill my self. that you take them serious and call for help. Don't think they are kidding or not serious. that's not my call or your to make . It should be left up to the doctors.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mental Illness

I want to help people understand that using derogatory terms for mental illness like you are so bipolar is NOT OK. It is the same as saying you are so Gay. Or referring to someones race it just not except able. People with any kind of mental illness can not help what they do or don't do. There is help for people and the first step is understanding and patience. My son gets his help through the Mental health clinic in are county and it is free along with his medication,. I also want people to understand when you are the care taker of some one who has a mental illness can be as tiring as someone who is terminal. You need to take time for you self and your relationship.

bipolar parent

My Name is Kathy and I am the parent of a bipolar son. This disorder is a misunderstood disorder and my goal with this blog is to help people. I have been dealing with bipolar disorder for about 10 years. At first it was not diagnosed because he was a 14 year old . This disorder can be misdiagnosed and called spoiled and lazy. But I'm here to tell you that it is a real problem. And the people dealing with it can have a s hard a time as the people with it. But it is a chemical imbalance in the brain and often getting the right medication can take years to get right. And it is very important that you see a Psychiatrist. And help them remember to tell the doctor about all the things going on. Like side effects to meds and mood swings and suicide thoughts. there are things that can be done. and this my require hospitalization . That is OK to do it . this can help it has for my son Adam.