Saturday, January 10, 2009

Parents and timeI

I sometimes feel like we are like caged animals we just run in circles and never get any where. I get tired of that. And for people with mental illness it is worse than with us. We have sent the last two days stuck in the house because of the snow. And Adam is stuck in Wooster. But it has been OK. we have survived it. I Sometimes think cliff and i don't have any time together. we spend so much time taking care of every one else. We for get about each other. But my news year resolution is I am not going to fight with cliff or any one else. One it does no good and two it just makes me say things i get in to trouble for. So I hope that the new year brings thing in my life closer and sweeter and easy. because 2008 was a bad year for us.

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  1. michelle, and I have lost focus on eachother . It hits and hurts. Michelle being Rusin Roundup . I am not that good at linking or copy and paste sounds stupid but oh well . We are getting along alot better now. You both have to work at it to make it work. my point is You and Cliff have got to spend quiet time together. I lost focus on that myself and damn near lost my life (wife).