Monday, January 19, 2009

bipolar help

Some one tell me what would be the best thing you could do for a person who is bipolar? I want to help but sometimes I am not sure what that is. Or what I can do to help. I guess i feel like someone who is standing outside looking in. Nothing is right . I would like to know what is best? Other mental illness is just as hard for the family . You are not sure what to do or what to say. I would like to here from someone who has dealt with this and knows what to do. I am not sure what is right or wrong sometimes. I guess everyone feels that way at times. Let me here form people.


  1. The best source of how to help a bipolar person is the person themselves. I thought about writing what I find helpful, but that is me. I don't know the bipolar friend in your life. Have a serious heart-to-heart with them. If you take the taboo of mental-illness away and look at bipolar like any other chronic illness the conversation, like diabetes, isn't as hard. I wouldn't think twice about asking a person with diabetes about what they can eat and if there was something I can do to support them. If you talk to the person and they don't know how you could support them that in itself is an answer that could give you an idea to help them. I have a wellness plan that tells me what I need to do and it is also written out for my husband and others I trust to look at it to tell them how they can help me. The yucky part is the 'suicide' conversation. It needs to be talked about. Be comfortable saying the word and letting them say it to you. Ask them to promise they'll let you know if they are feeling suicidial. It is a matter of when not if in my experience with myself and others who live with bipolar.

    Thank you so much for caring enough to ask.

  2. "when not if" - clarify I mean suicidal feelings not the act.

  3. I have bi-polar disorder and I absolutely cannot mess with the meds! If I don't take them properly it's bad. I used to play, I can no longer have that luxury. Suicide is a scary thing. I have had the thoughts, only when I'm not properly taking care of myself. The only thing that you can do is allow them to talk about it and then find out why it's there. bottom-line, never take on what isn't yours. You can't take care of them. You can only report when they are feeling that way for thier own protection and your peace of mind.