Monday, January 5, 2009

newness of it

One thing you can count on with mental illness is it is never the same for every one. You can figure that you or the one you love will have something that is not typical. Or when you think that have the medications right there will be a side effect to them. But i would encourage you to tell the doctor about it they may be able to change it or add to the meds to help. It some times takes years to get it right. But one thing with Bipolar people is they have a tendency to think that when the medication is right and they feel good that don't need the meds any more. this is typical. It is also not good. I tell people it is like dealing with high blood pressure you keep taking your meds. that is the way you should be with bipolar. It is something you can just control.
I hope I can help people with this. My NEVER take my word over your own Doctor. I am just a mom dealing with Bipolar

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