Thursday, January 8, 2009

PSR or Pyscho Social Rehab

I would like to talk about a program my son is getting involved with called PSR . They can be involved in this as much as 5 days a week. they pick him up and Bring him home. He will learn how to Deal with his mental illness and How to work with his medication and how to deal socially with it. they have Group[p therapy and in the afternoon the do some kind of activity . They can also chose to stay at the center an play games . But they are making friends and learning skills to help with there illness. They also help them with employment skills. Adam starts tomorrow and I am very glad he is. I cant begin to tell you how much the counseling center in are community has helped him. They have helped with a lot of things and continue to surprise me at what they will do. I would encourage you to search you county for the center in you area if you need help. They are wonderfully helpful.

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