Saturday, January 3, 2009

jobs for the mentally ill

One thing that really upsets me is the fact that there are very few jobs for the mentally ill. My son Adam lives in Wooster and is having a terrible time finding a job. Never mind that jobs are hard to find for the so called normal person, But add mental illness in to the picture and they most likely either get fired or don't get hired at all.they tell him they will call him and never do. One place told him they understood that there manager was bipolar and would call him and never did. Some one tell me how is he suppose to pay his bills? He has signed up for social security but that takes years sometimes to get. My husband and I try to help but we cant do it all and ares too. If there is a employer out there give extra consideration to them. They need help and compassion not Judgments. Not all jobs are for them but there must be something they can do? If you are in charge of hiring at least give them the same chance you give everyone else. Dont dismiss them because of there mental illness


  1. Kathy - is there a community mental health organization you can tap into to place your son into a job? (I used to work w/ the mentally ill in my college days and CMH would place them jobs - usually light assembly work.

  2. I can totally understand and relate to this.

  3. Shellmo Could you tell me if there is a place like that in Ohio? I would appreciate any information. Kathy

  4. My name is Bridget. I'm mentally ill. I have schizo-affective disorder. I want to start making a life for myslef other than S.S.I., I can't stand that I have to live off of welfare and government checks and not be able to live out side a comfort zone without them sanctioning you for making more money than below poverty level.
    I have a family. No husband, but 17 year old twin girls and a grandson thats 1 1/2. I have to live with my dad. Because I have no means of survival out there. HUD won't help I've tried for the past 18 years or better. Anyway, I want to find a job. One that'll hire me outside the fact I have a mental illness. One that pays over poverty level, middle class would be good. I have my GED. I've had several jobs but had to quit because of certain circumstances, like lack of child care. I could never afford a babysitter, so I guess you could say lack of child care. Besides having going back into my spells or whatever it's called and taking trips into the hospital several times a year. I don't want to stay on S.S.I.'s program called ticket to work. I can't even find out how it works other than they take your money away. I'd be able to work steady if I wasn't so reliant on the government and just get out there but there is no job security. I guess the same holds true for everyone in general. Tons of people lose there jobs all the time, but someday soon they'll quit with the social security and then what. Homeless? Screw that, I want a home for my kids and my grand kids. I'd love to own my own home. I'd love to have my own big back yard for my grandson to play around in and a place where he could call home.
    I want to earn it myself with good old fashion blood sweat and tears. Something I can call my own. And feel good that I was successful somewhere in my life that having a mental illness can't hold me back.
    I'm ready to work. I'd just like someone to hire me.