Monday, January 26, 2009


OK so this has nothing to do with bipolar disorder. But yesterday we celebrated are grandsons second birthday. My daughter baked him and cake and he was so cute. he kept raising his hand and saying my birthday. she also made a big pot of Chile and it was delicious we had a great day . we got a big box of blocks and a train . the blocks were from my daughter. we had a great day. My son was there and he seemed to be having one of those days that were good. minor ditch problem but a very kind stranger helped him out. If that man happens to see this thank you it just goes to show you most people are kind. it the occasional ****head that makes you want to smack some one. So i hope every one has a great weekend and a very pleasant work week. Oh and pray i find a job.


  1. I have an award for you on my page. come check it out.

  2. Now that sounds like a wonderful day! I have a grandaugher that runs me ragged ... in a good way. So energetic :-)