Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well I am still having some problems but they seem to be getting better. I still don't like to go places with out cliff. But I am better. But the nerves are still not good. I take two kinds of medication, I hope its gets better. some time the panic attacks are crippling. I have filed for social security. But we will see if that get me anything . I sure hope so. i like to be at home .I feel safe there. I think some time that is the key to any kind of mental illness find a place where you feel same. find some time to do for your self.


  1. Kathy, oh to only be on TWO meds! That was the case when I finally got pregnant with the most incredible daughter in the world (OK, we all think are kids are the most incredible, and they are! ;) Now, I am into that fuzzy land of "polypharmia."

    By sheer, dumb luck I did get SS, and, of course, DD, did, too. It gave her the opportunity to go part-time to a wonderful child care facility after I lost my job when she was one, and realized I could not care for her full-time all the time. Then, it paid for her incredible Catholic schooling from K-5th grade. It was fantastic schooling, as we live in a rural area not known for great curriculum. I am a certified elementary ed teacher, but can't teach.

    Kathy, darling, I feel safe at home, too, but it has turned out to be the worst thing for me. I LOVED my job and still dream about it, 12 years later. I know the horror of panic attacks. You feel like you are going to die, and die if you go to sleep. Who will care for your child(ren)? Your thoughts race and your heart beats a million times a minute.

    Your best bet for obtaining SSI is to keep plugging away at it and tell them you have a PLAN for not staying on it forever. If you do get it, they will review your case every three years. Good luck, sweetheart. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at: