Thursday, March 5, 2009


OK this has nothing to do with bipolar disorder. But it is about mental illness. Animals are a big help with people I have this cat we call Goober. HE weighs about 22 pounds and thinks he is a baby. He is at this moment setting on top of me as I type. But he makes me feel better and I like having him around. He doesn't like me because of what I can do or what I cant do. Just because i am me.I wonder if other people feel this way? Or if it is just me.


  1. Pets give you unconditional love! I thought I had a big kitty at 14 pounds - but at 22 pounds, your kitty is a BIG boy!

  2. yes he is and he thinks he is a baby and expects to be treated like a king. He has also learned how to turn off my husbands sleep apnea machine so he will get up and feed him.