Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me and Adam

Well the doctor said that he didn't think Adam had borderline personality disorder. I am glad. this Bipolar is hard enough to live with. But he is doing good. I wish sometimes this was something like the flu and would go away but it isn't. So I guess it is something we just have to deal with. But i have to tell you that the mood swings and the burst of energy and the tiredness is hard sometimes. But I am hoping that the NAMI cooperation will help. It is as hard for the family as it is the person.
Also I was in the Walmart today and I heard a man say to his friend that he was acting so Bipolar. I am hear to tell you that is unacceptable. It is like saying he is so gay or some other stupid bad remark. listen up people it is not funny. I turned and gave this real big man a dirty look and then hid from him. HAHAHA . But It wasn't funny and I'm glad my son wasn't with me. So i wish people would understand that this isn't something people can help and the name calling is mean and rude. I would like just one time for people to have to live with this then they would understand. Let me know how you feel about this.


  1. I really don't like when people call each other bi-polar to just express someone is being moody at times.

    ........but you did make me chuckle with hiding from the Big Guy after the dirty look (I would have done the same too) hee-hee

    Betty Ann

  2. I absolutely agree! I have been in situations where teenagers will say "OMG they are bipolar" or " did you know so snd so has bipolar disorder?" I always look at them and say " really, Did you know that I have it too? Do I show symptoms? That usually gets them back stepping or shuts them up real quick!