Saturday, January 16, 2010

My family

Well Cliff got laid off permanently . But the lord has taken care of us so far. Adam got excepted to the nick amster workshop. and he loves it. I sure hope cliff finds a job soon. I think he misses work but not going to Cleveland everyday. Every one who believes in the lord pray for us. we could sure use the prayer. I have to tell you this has been a year form hell. we are both a little worn out and depressed. tell me why do all the bad things have to happen to us? I wish just for a while we could have some good stuff happen.


  1. Kathy,we wonder the same thing.we keep hoping and prating the we do not loose my disability payments.We would end up likly lose our home that we have had for 21 years.

  2. Same here too! My opinion, based on experiences, is the brighter your light shines the more the dark tries to wear your spirit away. It's how evil really gets you - not the big things - the small erosion of hope to make you lose faith.

    Well.. here with us hubby has now been out of work 11 months. It has been gruelling, but we are still here. It was a very drab Christmas, first time I haven't been able to truly feel the spirit of the day, which felt sad, but I am NOT letting the dark win! I'm going to keep hoping, keep believing and... one day I'm getting you and Cliff and Mike and we are all going to go dancing 9not just walking) on the water.

    Love to you all

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