Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bipolar Update

I have learned something new today. My friend told me that an allergist told her to stop taking her medication. She is also Bipolar and he says it can effect the results of the allergy tests. So she has been a whole 2 weeks with out it. And is now starting it back up. So my question is if it effects these test . what Other test does it also effect? And just for the record adam has started taking classes for state tested nurses aid. Pray that he passes the test and gets a job.


  1. Just stopping by to say hello, and to tell you that your guess on the orange handle on my blog was a clever one. I think you may be right! It sure looks like something from a mobile.

    Your blog is very informative. My very close friend from college was married to a man who had bipolar disorder. I say "had" because he has since died of cancer. It was an uphill climb for him, because he did not want to take his medicine. I admire you for being a supportive person to Adam.

  2. You have my prayers for your son's success!